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  U.S. Sentate - Orrin Hatch: Hatch said that anyone who has served three Senate terms has been there too long. If elected, this would be Hatch's fifth term
  U.S. Congressional District #1 - James Hansen: Hansen's plans for "environmentally-sensitive and balanced multiple uses of Utah's public land" have been shot down so many times that it's like a running joke
U.S. Congressional District #2 - Jim Matheson: a real person that will get the job done U.S. Congressional District #2 - Derek Smith: Smith's mudslinging TV ASSume he knows what Utah values are; also, a nice article in the Trib told what a dirty businessman this guy is; need we say more?
U.S. Congressional District #3 - Donald Dunn: another hard-working guy that has the interests of people in mind U.S. Congressional District #3 - Chris Cannon: Jim Hansen's chubby little batboy and muppet; Cannon's done a great job at showing what he can't get done in the San Rafael Swell
Governor - Bill Orton: campaign finance reform, term limits, open government, and tax reform? Truth be known, Utah needs a lot of changing; Orton's got a brain Governor - Mike Leavitt: here again, we need change; a Republican Governor touting change is like Switzerland saying it's ready to kick some ass
House District 30 - Jackie Biskupski: this lady kicks butt and everybody likes her--even the Mormon Good Old Boys  
House District 53 - Rebecca Richards: only a Democrat that knows how to have some fun should represent Park City and Summit County House District 53 - David Ure: Ure runs up your power bills, thinks we "did ourselves no great service" with the tobacco settlement, and clearly represents both the Church and the State; get this guy out of here!
Proposition No. 1 - Resolution Amending State and Local Government Provisions: we need to separate Church and State and alter a bunch of stinky old Utah provisions; no one's argueing this  
  Initiative A - English As The Official Language Of Utah: nyet! this is a giant, unconstitutional rat's nest; sure, other states have done it, and lawsuits abound
Initiative B - Utah Property Protection Act: between 1998 and 1999, government "forfitures" increased 700% in Utah; that's probably why it's on the ballot  
Judicial Retention Elections: everybody looks good except two judges; vote to retain Judges Burbank, Page, West, Van Dyke, Wilkins, Barrett, Boyden, Fratto (Jr.), Hanson, McCleve, Quinn, Stirba, Behrens (Jr.), Stott, Shumate, and Steele Judicial Retention Elections: according to the Utah State Judicial Perfomance Surveys, two judges do not stack up to the others; Judge Dennis Frederick and Judge Leslie A. Lewis should not be retained

The No-Brainer Guide to

the Utah 2000 Elections