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Nick Govin:

You gotta serenade her with love-expressing items. You could do stuff like flowers, writing poems, just takin' her out, you know, something romantic-a lot of different things to make her happy and realize that she wants to stay with you. Surprise her by leaving, like, flower petals and stuff on her bed along with a poem. Take her ice skating, or do something outdoors so that when you get back home you can cuddle.

Traci Ramerez:

Flowers. Have dinner ready. You have to clean up your mess after you cook. And you have to clean it up the same day. Massage would be nice. That's it. We're not easy-I mean, not hard to please. If a guy actually cooks dinner and cleans up the mess, that would blow me away. You could make anything as long as you clean it up.

Garth Schwellenbach:

I don't know, I'm not married. OK, if I only had $26, and five minutes to figure it out, I'd buy her a bunch of roses. Chicks dig roses. I'd make her dinner, and let the rest fall into place. Some type of intoxicant would help. Then I think I'd take her running in the snow-ya, a romp in the snow. I hope to be out with a chick like that.

Kristi Cumming:

What would make me happy is breakfast in bed. Then the ideal day would be spent with the one I love. We could go skiing together. Then maybe we could get a massage and a pedicure or a manicure. He probably wouldn't do that, but I like those things once in a while. Then I'd want him to make dinner.and clean up-absolutely, do the dishes, the whole thing. Then of course whatever dinner leads to. A bottle of wine. Maybe work on a baby.

Sharon Barton:

I think doing something thoughtful and nice. Take her skiing for the day. Go snowshoeing, plan a surprise picnic. Take a little wine-or a lot. Be sure to take a tablecloth and a tarp. It's February, hello. Take her up to Mirror Lake; I think a little picnic up there would be lovely. Then you can plan a nice little, at home, simple dinner. You can just get that Bear Creek Soup and knock yourself out. It's wonderful if you read something nice to her. Anyone can go out and just get a box of chocolates.

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How do you make a girl happy on Valentines's Day?